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For Sale

Demand for Valais is high and our stock sells very fast indeed. We try and keep this page as up to date as possible but at times this is difficult. If you are looking for Valais, picking up the phone is often the best route, we can let you know what we have and more importantly what is coming as often our sheep are sold before they have even been born with a large number of people pre-registering for sheep. We have ewes, rams and castrated rams for pets for sale. We have genotype 1 and genotype 2 sheep available as well at certain times.

We export throughout the world where allowed with local restrictions. We have listed the latest details about this on our page so New Zealand, Ireland and US customers please note. The UK export centre is less than an hour from our farm which is ideal for exporting. We highly recommend and encourage viewing, all Valais sheep are not the same and not always true to type and we pride ourselves on breeding the very best in class. Spend some time with us, view and be happy with your sheep before parting with your money, we like our customers to do this, we are also very proud to show you around our flock.

Proud to breed quality Valais Blacknose