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Our Flock

When we set out on our Valais journey we were determined to start with the very best. To achieve that we bought the UK champion ram for a then UK record price in 2017, quite a statement, the clip of the auction is still on You Tube. We followed that up with buying ewe stock rated top quality by visiting Swiss judges. From that start point we have built a bigger and bigger flock with the focus on keeping the quality to the very best breed standards for the Valais Blacknose Sheep. More recently our focus has moved to also breeding scrapie resistant sheep. This is sheep that are resistant to the disease that stopped the export from Valais, their homeland region in Switzerland.

These are Genotype 1 (ARR/ARR) and Genotype 2 (ARR/ARQ), we now have a growing number of these sheep. These animals are the only ones available to export outside the UK.

We are very proud of the quality of our herd. We feel we are achieving our goal of not just breeding Valais but breeding true to type quality best in class sheep. We hope you agree when you come and visit.

Proud to breed quality Valais Blacknose