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Our Sheep Journey

Like a lot of people, we saw Valais Blacknose Sheep on the TV a good few years ago and simply fell in love with them and their look. After a good deal of research we managed to buy some a few years ago. It was our first venture with sheep, we already had a successful alpaca breeding business, We were nervous and excited in equal measure, would sheep be hard after Alpacas? What would go wrong? Could we do it? I am pleased to report it has been great, not tough but a pleasure to do and learn as we went along. Local farmers and fellow breeders helped us along and we are now very fully fledged Valaiso’hollicks!

Whilst the TV shows you what they look like and how cute they look it does not fully show you what it is like to work with the animals. They are calm, friendly and addictive, it has been a journey of total fun, pleasure and one we enjoy as much if not more than the day they first arrived with us. We are very proud now to pass on our knowledge and advice to new owners when we sell our stock, and watch them get the same pleasure we got is a real buzz for us at Usk Valais Blacknose Sheep. As Nike says “Just do it” you’ll never look back.

Proud to breed quality Valais Blacknose